BELUSHI’S PEACE – Original acrylic & Oil painting I derived from a previous Liquid Lead painting, adding a light flower and aspects of peace, humor and comedy even in the midst of war. The reflections in his goggles glimmer with hope of peace and beauty. Belushi himself a comedian is the perfect parody portrayal for a war & peace in a splash of comedy.

John Belushi from 1941, Acrylic & Oil painting on canvas by Melody Owens

Acrylic & Oil on canvas by Melody Owens

"Kates Roses" Art by Melody Owens

“Kates Roses” Art by Melody Owens

Liquid Lead Art – Bare Allurement painting

The Liquid Lead technique is a combination of pencil, charcoal drawing and acrylic painting focusing on reductive tools to produce a photo-real effect. The level of patience and detailed focus it takes to complete can be a long process.

Bare Allurement - Pencil drawing - Charcoal - Airbrush painting by Melody Owens

Charcoal & Pencil (Liquid Lead) Painting - Click on the image to see the full painting

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