Another Year… Another Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe… What else needs to be said? Plenty actually, I was considering writing a “year in review” but I am an artist not a writer so I will keep it short. I want to thank all of the people in my life for their collective support making all the wonderful opportunities and travels I enjoyed in 2012 possible. Wishing you all continued success, happiness and love this New Year!

Liquid Lead Painting Melody Owens

Marilyn Monroe Painting

Special thanks to the fine art collector who purchased this painting, I love all of you collectors and friends who appreciate my art.

Angelina re-visited

While I have painted Angelina Jolie a few times, this specific painting I did some time ago was one I enjoyed yet never completely finished to my 100% satisfaction. A wonderful collector of mine inquired about Angelina paintings I’ve done, so I went searching my inventory. Naturally this painting drew me back in and reignited my enthusiasm to “add the gloss coat” so to speak on Angelina’s Lips.  Her lips being my favorite feature I emphasized them through soft focus in this painting.  Hope you enjoy this new release of Angelina’s Lips”.  The original is liquid lead style acrylic, charcoal and pencil 20″x30″ but is no longer available.   Artist Enhanced Fine Art Giclees gallery wrapped on canvas of Angelina  Jolie, “Angelina’s Lips” are available, 24″x36″ for $800 (Limited Edition) Contact me for more info on prints, other sizes also available.

Angelina Jolie's lips by Melody Owens, Liquid Lead Art of Angelina

“Angelina Jolie’s lips”

"I Love Lucy" Pencil Portrait of Lucille Ball by Melody Owens

I Love Lucy – Lucille Ball & The Chocolate Factory

I have always loved Lucy. I was thrilled when I was commissioned to paint the hilarious and beautiful Lucille Ball. One of my all time favorite episodes is of her going to the chocolate factory, so indulge, and enjoy this portrait. My treat!

"I Love Lucy" Pencil Portrait of Lucille Ball by Melody Owens

Portrait of Lucille Ball tributing the hilarious Chocolate Factory I Love Lucy episode

Demonstration Paintings

I’ve recently started teaching again, photo-realism style black & white focusing mainly on reductive techniques, and it surprises me every time how addicting it can be pulling out highlight details all day.  After teaching a weekend marathon class it still wasn’t enough so I gave another artist friend of mine a full day of instruction and in doing so knocked out this small painting of Hedy Lamar.

Demonstration Painting of Hedy Lamar by Melody Owens

First Demonstration Painting of Hedy Lamar

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BELUSHI’S PEACE – Original acrylic & Oil painting I derived from a previous Liquid Lead painting, adding a light flower and aspects of peace, humor and comedy even in the midst of war. The reflections in his goggles glimmer with hope of peace and beauty. Belushi himself a comedian is the perfect parody portrayal for a war & peace in a splash of comedy.

John Belushi from 1941, Acrylic & Oil painting on canvas by Melody Owens

Acrylic & Oil on canvas by Melody Owens

"Kates Roses" Art by Melody Owens

“Kates Roses” Art by Melody Owens

Liquid Lead Art – Bare Allurement painting

The Liquid Lead technique is a combination of pencil, charcoal drawing and acrylic painting focusing on reductive tools to produce a photo-real effect. The level of patience and detailed focus it takes to complete can be a long process.

Bare Allurement - Pencil drawing - Charcoal - Airbrush painting by Melody Owens

Charcoal & Pencil (Liquid Lead) Painting - Click on the image to see the full painting

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