Fashion illustration high fashion figure drawings art collection by Melody Owens

Signature “M” Fashion Figure Collection

Fashion illustration high style art collection by Melody Owens

All Limited Edition 16×20 Watercolor Giclees are $50.00ea. Email me to order with FREE shipping. *Limited time only

Currently showing at Location 1980
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Location 1980 Gallery
1980 Placetia
Costa Mesa, CA

As seen at Find Art Gallery

FIND Art Gallery

1640 Superior Avenue
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Puerto Vallarta Street Painting 2011

The Church of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta

Our view of the Church of Guadalupe

First of many stamps to come in my passport, November 12, 2011 Puerto Vallarta! We were fortunate enough to stay with friends in “Casa De Romance” which was just as picturesque as it sounds. We experienced the insane beauty of the coast, gourmet dining, and swimming with crocodiles all in the short week. It is insanely beautiful there, I just recommend staying away from swimming in river run off areas infested with crocodiles. Luckily we can say we are proud survivors and spent the next three days painting on the Malecon. After two years in a row painting the Church of Guadalupe in Santa Barbara, this time could have just looked up for reference as we were painting directly in front of the Church.

Here is our finished street painting for you to enjoy.

Street Painting using Chalk Pastels with Phil Roberts in Puerto Vallarta

Finished 12ft x 12ft Street Painting in Puerto Vallarta's Imadonnari

Melody Owens French Fashion Art

“Lèvres de vin” Art for Vino de Sueños

My daydreams of going to France in high style have poured out in my art. This art is soon to be up for auction with 50% of the proceeds going towards Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People. Hope you can join myself & my amazing friend and fellow artist Zoe Nathan at the Vino de Sueños event in November. Will be great fun, keep you posted on more details later!

Melody Owens French Fashion Art

"Lèvres de vin" Art by Melody Owens

Pavement is the new Canvas!

I-Madonnari Italian Street Painting – another chalk full weekend in Santa Barbara!

Melody Owens street painting lady of harvest IMadonnari 2011

street painting lady of harvest

Lady of Harvest at IMadonnari '11 by artists Melody Owens & Phil Roberts

Lady of Harvest at IMadonnari '11 for the Berry Man

 Painting in the hot sun in the Santa Barbara Mission parking lot was a great way to spend Memorial day weekend.  This year was the 25th Anniversary I-Madonnari Italian Street Painting in Santa Barbara, painting a 12’x12′ square in front of the mission with talented artist Phil Roberts. The painting we completed last year became this year’s poster

I Madonnari Street Painting Festival

Painting Tree Life in Lake Forest

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Lake Forest Pastel by Melody Owens

"Morning in Lake Forest" Pastel

Nothing like a Monday morning brisking through one of Lake Forest’s beautiful parks looking for a tree that speaks to you. What like you haven’t heard trees talk? They sing cheery songs and whisper all sorts of sweet nothings!  It surprised me how much personality and character you can find in a tree. A new subject matter for me, tree painting puts me a little out of my comfort zone.  I was glad to join fellow artist friends Jesse & Steve on this new venture called plein air.  After painting the figure with the two for over a year it was a welcome change of scenery from the studio I will definitely want to embark again.

Melody Owens at Broadway Gallery & NY Arts Opening Reception NYC

NY Arts Mag & Broadway Gallery Exhibit Reception- NYC

Glad to have made my first art-filled trip to New York for my art show “Artists at home and Abroad” opening reception at Broadway Gallery. Thank all of you who came all the way out to New York City and supported the show! It was wonder to see a few familiar faces there. An article featuring my art and this show will be coming out this summer in the July issue of NY Arts Magazine. The show will be up until April 1st, if you are in the NYC/Manhattan area go check it out! More info on the Broadway Gallery Exhibition here.

Melody Owens at Broadway Gallery & NY Arts Opening Reception NYC

Melody Owens Art in Broadway Gallery - Opening Reception NYC

Crowd at Broadway Gallery NYC art show Featuring Melody Owens Art

Crowd at Broadway Gallery NYC art show

Broadway Gallery New York City Show Featured Melody Owens Artworks

Broadway Gallery & NY Arts Opening Reception NYC

Broadway Gallery / NY Arts Exhibition Featuring Melody Owens Art

Broadway Gallery / NY Arts Exhibition Featured Melody Owens Artworks

NY Arts Magazine Exhibition @ Broadway Gallery NYC – Featuring “Melody Owens” artworks

Pink Glam Audrey Hepburn by Melody Owens

Glamorous Audrey Hepburn Pink Glitz

Feels like time to make an artistic getaway trip to New York,  join me to see some excellent art in NYC!

ExhibitionArtists At Home & Abroad

Location: The Broadway Gallery NYC

Dates: March 15th-April 1st, 2011

Reception: Thursday, March 17th, 2011 6-8 pm

Sponsored: NY Arts Magazine & Art Fairs International.

Featured Melody Owens Art: