Meet Melody

melody owens painting kates roses black & white drawingCaptivated by the mystery and the beauty that make a person iconic and revered, I am inspired to paint women in classic beauty, illuminate heroines with a Hollywood glow and revive vintage elegance in a contemporary age. I aim to capture the radiance of soft light and diffuse certain features contrasted by focused details. Bright colors and textures can give the eye a sensory pleasure. In my work I play with the balance of abstraction. I use loose but determined strokes to blend details and realism. My choice of media is acrylic followed by oil. Sometimes, I mix it up by starting with a gouache base. The luminescence in my art is often amplified with jewels and the glossy shine of silver leaf contrasting strong rustic textures.

Mostly self taught, I’ve been lucky to have apprenticed with a few of the most skilled artists in Utah & California and growing up in Utah in an extremely artistic family encouraged me to pursue my passion of art. The roller coaster of life took me from Utah to Las Vegas where I opened a studio teaching my photorealism style seen on A few hard of years running a studio flew by once I found the peacefulness reflected in my art.

Art itself is healing, so my creative inspiration has led me on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga teacher. In my current studio in Newport Beach,  painting full time and happily creating, I enjoy the occasional surf break to chase down a perfect glossy wave.

Please feel free to contact me for any fine art portraits, prints, custom paintings or freelance design:

Join me figure drawing wednesday & at Location 1980 gallery! Its a joyful life!

>>Click Here to Listen to Melody's Interview with Alternative Health Tools


7 thoughts on “Meet Melody

  1. David Bourland says:

    I visited with you at GC 50. I spoke about Thomas Hart Benton. I really like your work and I will come back often.


  2. garland says:

    im shocked to have heard about the stolen art work i had the chance to talk with you for awhile and admire it. it was really well done and had great detail
    hope to see you at the up coming gc in nov

  3. Shannon Connor Castle says:

    Hi Melody, thank you for looking me up. I’m intrigued by your note on page about liquid art lessons. Can I know more? I have airbrushed only on glass and I’m a sandblaster by trade….so it’s a given that I’d really like to work with this liquid lead… cool. How do I learn more? Your living the dream. Thank you. Shannon Castle. 206-601-1557

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