Evolving Light Series


Spring into Summer ~ Come by the gallery and see the collection in person!

Quorum Gallery
374 North PCH, Laguna Beach, CA
ArtWalk Reception: August 1st 6-9pm,
First Thursdays: September 5th

New Prints and Originals Available ~ Contact me directly for questions & availability


Fashion Illustration

fashion illustration, fashion art, bridal portraits by Melody Owens

Custom Fashion Portraits – Live Performance Painting

Portfolio samples of Fashion Illustration, Sketches and Live Fashion Portrait Sketching at Events such as Weddings, Corporate gatherings, Birthday or private parties.
Clients include: Eileen Fisher, The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Doheney House – Kristine Taylor Philanthropies,  The Thomas House

For Booking & Availability for Live Sketching events, business, custom fashion illustration or portrait and commissions contact me directly at melodyowensart @gmail.com or
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Pinup Painting Series – Vintage Portraits

Come visit me in this collection of original paintings and sketches of Newport Beach local and travel destinations with a retro pinup feel.

Currently showing at Porrovita: 3000 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Contact me directly here if interested in one of these originals, a custom portrait or custom commission painting or any general inquires.

Figure Studies & Gesture Drawings

Figure Drawing with the family!
I love visiting my family, full of talented artists and excellent models. It still mystifies me how I was so lucky to be born into such a creative hot spring of a family where we all share the same passion, love and talent for art. It was my brother Skyler’s last request to spend his last few days with us together drawing each other, rotating modeling while the rest draw in a circle. He left to Indianapolis for two years for us, and I am so glad we got to spend a few hours in pure artistic bliss – time has not gone by so fast as when you are with the people you love so much doing what you love so much.
Here are a few of my favorites sketches from that session:

More to come! My sister and I are attending a figure drawing session at another artist’s local studio tomorrow, excited for another day 🙂

More Figure Sketches:

melody owens painting kates roses black & white drawing

Portraits & Recent Paintings


Black & White Portraits: Prices vary with your choice of pencil, charcoal, watercolor or Liquid Lead (a combination of pencil, charcoal & acrylic)
*Prices listed are for 1-2 portraits, for larger families additional fee will be added per person
9″x12″ $300 pencil/charcoal sketch – $450 Liquid Lead realism painting
11″x14″ $400 pencil/charcoal sketch – $650 Liquid Lead realism painting
16″x20″ $550 pencil/charcoal sketch – $975 Liquid Lead realism painting
18″x24″ $700 pencil/charcoal sketch – $1600 Liquid Lead realism painting

Full Color Portraits: Painted in your choice oil, acrylic or watercolor
*Prices listed are for 1-2 portraits, for larger families additional fee will be added per person
8″x10″ $650
11″x14″ $800
16″x20″ $1500
18″x24″ $2000
30″x40″ $5000

If interested in a custom painting or for any questions or details contact me directly by filling out the form below:

Lovevolution Art Show

Opening Reception – Happy Chinese New Year! – Saturday Feb 17th 6-9pm

What does love’s light energy and/or DNA code look like? If Leonardo Da Vinci explained “The Theory of Love” as the study of positive electrons electrically charged due to emersion in love, a particular light would emerge, possibly a form, what would be the sacred geometry symbolism of love?  Frank Chester has found an amazing answer to that question with his discovery of the 7 sided tetrahedron called the Chestahedron. What would be the fibonacci sequence or equivalent code for two hearts bound in eternity beyond our linear time & space?
“. . . love has much broader implications also.
As you come to discover the truth of your own self,
you come to the very source of love.” 

“This is it, Your Ticket to Freedom” Life Changing Retreat

You are Invited to Play in the Magic With Us!
Two Day Life Changing Retreat Style Workshop

Friday August 18th  9:00am to 7:30pm
And Saturday August 19th  8:30am to 7:30pm 

This Is It…Your Ticket to TOTAL FREEDOM!!
(end the fear-based programs and create YOUR LIFE on a foundation of LOVE!)

  • Are you still carrying around the pain and wounds of the past with your mom, dad, ex-partners/lovers and not sure how to set yourself completely free?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from life feeling like you’re on a roller-coaster ride where one moment you’re doing amazing and the next agonizing in frustration?
  • Can you imagine a living a life where you break free from feeling stuck and confused and into freedom, confidence and clarity?
  • Are you longing in your heart to know the True YOU where life feels light, fun and playful…like anything is possible?
  • Are you ready to finally end the automatic programs of fear, sadness and anger and awaken to all of the love and magic in YOUR HEART? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, come join us for this two-day retreat-style workshop August 18th and 19th at Location 1980 in Costa Mesa, California and transform anything in YOUR LIFE…True FREEDOM! You will be given 28 tools plus processes and vibrational shifts that actually work to bring you into the life of your choosing…of YOUR DREAMS!
This two-day retreat-style workshop includes…

  • The Life Transformed Level I class (channeled by Rikka Zimmerman) and a 133-page manual to get you out of the craziness of your mind and into the infinite possibilities and heaven in YOUR HEART!
  • Kundalini yoga and dancing to keep the energy moving and transforming throughout the day!
  • A deep, rich sound healing (bowls/gongs) at the end of the day 1 – ahhhhhh, can you imagine? Creating YOUR NEW LIFE on a foundation of love and anchor it all in with sound!
  • A painting session at the end of day 2 with world-famous artist Melody Owens. You own your transformation by painting it and taking it home with you!
  • And much more than could ever be put into words

“A must for those of us whom want a quick upgrade to living our life in an expanded loving way!! Melissa is an amazing guide to help lead us back to the truth of whom we are! “~ Tanya Kinder-Ring
To register and for more details go to…http://www.loveyourmagicalife.com/classes.html
– scroll to Life Transformed Level 1…claim your spot now as you don’t want to miss this and it will fill up fast!

About the Teacher… 
Melissa Bradley is a Life Transformation Coach/Spiritual Advisor/Healer, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner whose passion is to end people’s pain by helping them tap into their True Self…their heart, their joy, their greatest potential and live the life of their dreams!  She is known as the Queen of Magical Possibilities and after experiencing much craziness in her own life today she lives peacefully and playfully on Maui with her Soulmate Love Marc sharing her transformational gifts through her business Love YOUR Magical Life! ~loveyourmagicalife.com
About the Hostess… 
Melody Owens is an Innovative Fine Artist and teacher with a purpose to create art as an expression of love and beauty and a healing tool. Seeing the true beauty, love and power that lies within us all, Melody transfers that energy into every artwork. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration has led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga and art teacher, co-founder of Encompassing The Arts.


Yes…I am claiming my ticket to Life Transformed Level I 
(click the Buy Now button below and we will send you a welcome email with Level I manual…YAY!)

Slave to the Wave

You are invited to join us at Location 1980 for the “Slave to the Wave” exhibition!  

Opening Reception  Friday 28, from 7pm to 10pm
July 28-August 28, 2017

Light refreshments available and free admissions for the public

The world of professional surfing comes to Huntington Beach in the last week of July for the U.S. Open every year. In unison with the “Women of Surfing” exhibition history of arts at the Huntington  Beach Art Center who are showcasing all women artists. We are hosting an all inclusive “Surf Art” exhibition at Location 1980 in Costa Mesa, featuring both men and women artists.

This show will include “Surf art legends” Bill Ogden, Phil Roberts, Rick Rietveld, Ryan Milner, Melody Owens, Ray Dombroski, Joshr, Tom Jackson, Brian Kesling, Joe King, Rick Reese, Shawn Higgins, Dave Van Patten, Garry Booth, Arlene Booth, Sara Haase, Carena Philips, Matt Allen, Jodi Jones Milner, Trey Jolley, Kayla Madison, Kristina Rose Baker.


Screenshot (21)

Screenshot (22)

Location 1980 | 1980 Placentia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Gallery Hours
T: 9AM-2PM | Fr: 9AM-2PM | By Appointment
Closed Sun & most holidays.

Vibrational Painting Workshop July 15th 1-4pm

back-flower-essence-painting-class-adult-art-workshopYou are invited to enjoy an afternoon of tuning into the resonating frequencies of watercolor painting utilizing the energies of Bach Flower Essences on Saturday, July 15th 1-4:30pm. All supplies included with light refreshments. Location 1980 -Parking is across the street.

Cultivating Wholeness, Authenticity, Purpose, Painting energetically imprinting with Flower essences
Appropriate essences will be chosen using focus and meditation exercises with discussion supported by Melody and Helena – You will take home with you at least one painting infused with the vibrational energy of a Bach Flower Essence that resonates for you.


Please preregister as space is limited. Contact one of us here and we’ll get you signed up.
Blessings of the flowers, Helena and Melody
Vibrational Painting Workshop-june15paint-brush-art-painting-class
With our focus on select colors, our aim is to draw out our innovative power by embarking on an exploration our own creative desires. We will create a painting that attunes to your highest self through both the healing and creative process of painting. Utilizing flower  essences to infuse your paintings through meditation and discussions to create a personal painting infused with the essences that resonate most to you.

Helena Gorka has studied and taught Yoga for more than 40 years, practices the Healing Touch Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and has been a BFRP – Certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner since 2001. Through her business, Inner Rhythms, she offers classes and private consultations with Bach Flower Essences, Yoga, and Family Constellation Workshops ~ HelenaGorka.com

Melody Owens is a teacher and an innovative artist with a purpose to create love as an expression of love and beauty and a healing tool. Seeing true beauty, love and power that lies within us all, Melody transfers that energy into every artwork. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration has led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga and art teacher.
~ Melody Owens     Encompassingthearts.com

LOVE TODAY Exhibition Feb 11

♥♥ Be part of the celebration and stand for LOVE joining us
for LOVE TODAY EXHIBITION Saturday, Feb 11th ♥♥


Exhibition: LOVE TODAY
February 10 2017 – March 1 2017
LOCATION 1980: 1980 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa CA 92627

LOVE TODAY will be an exhibit of art celebrating the overwhelming force that makes the world go round.  How do you experience Love Today?  The ancient Greeks defined seven different words for our one word LOVE, including: AGAPE – the love of humanity, STORGE – family love, PRAGMA – love which endures, PHILAUTIA – self respect, PHILIA – shared experience, LUDUS – flirting playful affection, EROS – romantic love.

♥ An atmosphere of love, awaiting new friends and lovely refreshments will be provided. ♥

CALL FOR ARTISTS!  more info
Deadline for Entry: 1/30/17
Artists are invited to explore the many realms of love and submit artworks that depict your response to LOVE. Traditional media: photography, painting, drawing, mixed media,  sculpture, installation, or proposals for activities, pop-up and performance, will be considered.

Submit proposals with JPGS of up to two pieces of work for consideration, by January 30. Email applications to encompassingarts@gmail.com. Please see Terms and Conditions for participating in the exhibition here: LOVE TODAY Info . You will be notified by February 3rd or before if you are selected and artwork will need to be dropped off February 4th, 6th or 7th.

Light Up The World With Love – Global Love Day Event

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ LIGHT UP THE WORLD WITH LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  www.lightuptheworldwithlove.com

GLOBAL LOVE DAY Free Community event & celebration – MAY 1st  
Arrive 6:30- 7:00 PM at Location 1980, Costa Mesa CA >>See Map

**Park directly across the street or other street parking


Please RSVP to my email Melody Owens Art @gmail.com
This FREE event celebration of Global Love Day is connecting with hearts and souls all around the world with Love and Lights inspiring unconditional love. Our gathering and your participation recognizes and strengthens our Global community uniting and making a beautiful contribution and difference in the world. Spark your joy, bring your light and join us in this magnificent collaboration with Love & Lights!


Bring your own Flashlights/LED Lights and a few extra for friends! *Limited Glowsticks availableBe warm – wear white or your favorite bright color!

:::::EVENT OVERVIEW:::::  
7:00 -7:30pm- Orientation and groups

****The amazing Trevor Green will be serenading us with his amazing tunes, Click here to check him out: http://trevorgreenmusic.com

SUNSET – Exactly 7:35pm – Line up in our L.O.V.E. Groups forming the letters and collectively spelling a giant LOVE  and shining our lights up to the sky sending our message of love to be visible to the world. Drone video and cameras will document our bright and beautiful collective creation celebrating GLOBAL LOVE DAY

8:20 – 9pm – Connection Games – Dance Party

9pm – AFTER PARTY / Art Show
Light up The World With Love Has partnered with The Love Foundation who founded Global Love Day to inspire unconditional love starting with ourselves and creating global connectedness with all living things as one big family on Earth. Currently we are in 150 countries around the world with events celebrating Love Day. May 1st Annually celebrate on an incrementally larger scale:  Next year as we gather momentum, we will have events all around the states and we won’t stop until eventually reach and connect every country with simultaneous events on Global Love Day. We will create the the largest collective art/light/human collaboration with all of the world as lighting up in a series of dots circling and connecting the Earth in a giant heart circle to be seen from space.

Instagram @lightupwithlove @thelovefoundation #GlobalLoveDay #lightuptheworldwithlove

Full Moon Series – 30 Moons in 30 days

The moon is my muse and a “star-lost” love of mine who I run to night after night. It seemed natural to sync up with the lunar calendar and paint a entire series of her and also appreciate each stage of the moon. I started this series on July 2nd with the first full moon and completed these along with the moon cycle ending on the blue moon July 31st.

There are so many different instances that inspired these different moon paintings through out the month. I will write more about these individual inspirations in the descriptions of the paintings. I have enjoyed becoming preset to the subtle changes and energy shifts inside of me and how the moon cycles effect me. Please email me directly at melodyowensart@gmail.com for any questions/ inquires on purchasing any of these moons.